Stomach problems from either T3 or Parasite

  1. Stomach problems from either T3 or Parasite

    I'm on the CKD diet and taking EC, Alphaburn, and T3. I've taken the T3 in the past without any problems. I've gradually raised the dose throughout my history of taking it. Now i'm at 90mcgs per day right now. I started to take it again about three weeks ago, and since then i've had some very intense bowel movements which have either main very watery or very fibrotic and rough. My stomach makes bubbling sounds almost when I wake up, and it is slightly crampy. Does this sound like a parasite or hyperthyroidism from the T3? I'm eating low calories and on keto trying to cut from 12% body fat to 10% and i'm losing weight like normal, but i do feel very weak. Those are the only symptoms.

  2. Don't know about the bowel movements but just curious if you're running an anabolic along with the 90mcg? That's a pretty high dosage to be running without one.

  3. interesting, I've never heard of T3 causing stomach issues. I've taken it many times before myself and never had any. I mean increased FREQUENCY of bowel movements is a given, since you are raising your bmr, but actual stomach discomfort is another. Perhaps your stomach is just adjusting to metabolizing and passing through the food at a higher rate than it was before?

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