Double chin fix?

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  1. What about transdermal Yohimbine?

  2. An update:

    I have been using that product for a couple of weeks now and have noticed improvement. Nothing drastic, but improvement.

    I also notice that my throat gets "sore", not as in a sore throat but more as of a tightness around my neck. It is kinda annoying and uncomfortable but what muscle soreness isn't? I'm gonna assume that it happens because it is working.

    I can def feel the area tighter to the touch, almost like when your abs are just popping out after a good ab workout, just on my neck area.

    Will continue posting updates.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  3. Good info.

  4. hey did you try yohimburn es? I use it on my face before cardio. Its expensive but delivers.


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