What to eat after a low intensity cardio session?

  1. What to eat after a low intensity cardio session?

    I know the main source of energy for low intensity cardio is fat and not glucose...so does that mean there is nothing that needs restoring PWO? Should one just resume normal eating afterwards? Should they wait any length of time after the cardio before their next meal?

  2. I would just have a normal meal at my scheduled time. Make sure it's high in protein. I you think about it, we eat ever 2-3 hours so say you eat a meal, wait an hour for it to digest, do a long, low intensity cardio session for an hour, than 30 minutes later you're getting ready to eat your next scheduled meal anyway. Than next meal is already 2.5 hours after your last meal. Don't worry about too many carbs and don't worry about very high cortisol levels. Either eat a protein/fat meal or some protein and low GI carbs and/or veggies depending on your goals.

  3. Just eat normally bro. I'd usually wait 15-30mins after cardio. but this is done for only 1 simple reason, to cool myself down. Don't wanna be cooking all sweaty and stuff. I'd sit down, have a drink and after awhile, go get a meal. Keep it simple.

  4. Avoid any fat after a workout. I don't know the technical explination but when you workout you have lots of fat available for use as energy in your blood stream. I think they're in the form of triglycerides (not sure though). But I do know for sure that you definately want to avoid any type of fat after a workout of any kind.

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