"water water every where and not a drop to drink....."

  1. "water water every where and not a drop to drink....."

    I cant rember what website I got this information from, it was a while ago, but anyways I would like to give credit where credit is due, and I dont know the author of this article so forgive me. Anyways I thought this would be an intresting read for the pro body builders out there, as well as the novices. I posted this in the "supplement" section because I personally feel water is one of the most important supplements for body builders, besides protien, and liver tabs. Anyways enjoy the informative read, and drink up!

    EDIT: I moved this to nutrition, water isn't a supp bro. Jweave23

    How much water do you drink in a day? Well, that kind of depends on what your day is like. Are you a sedentary individual who works 10-12 hours a day and then comes home to work another 2-3 hours from the house? How about the type of person who gets up at 11 and then sits around the house all day? Then you could be a gym rat who goes to the gym for 3 hours only to take a couple steps on the treadmill, grab a set of dumbbells for a half-hearted set and then lay on a mat and pretend to reach for your outstretched foot. If any of these situations resemble your day, then surprisingly, you have something in common with hardcore bodybuilder that all the ladies flock to. That similarity is, that both of you are probably not drinking enough water.
    Every person, big or small has a body made up of 80% water. Depending on your lifestyle, most of that water is used just through daily body functions. Normal perspiration uses 2 cups of water, breathing uses another 2 cups in water vapor, and your intestines and kidneys use 6 cups total. That doesn't even include people who are at the gym sweating in the weight room or cardio area where water is used in the formation of and burning of ATP and regulating internal temperature. In two hours of exercise, more than five pounds of water can be lost and a little as a 2% loss of fluid in the body can impair muscle function by forcing the body to go to the best place water is stored--the muscles. Dehydration in the muscles causes a loss in muscle strength and muscle speed by as much as 10%. Dehydration is a reduction in blood volume that affects the transport of oxygen causing a reduction in energy levels. Do you ever wonder why you're always tired or feeling unhealthy. It is probably because of dehydration. Not drinking enough water adversely affects the nervous system which results in decreased concentration, coordination and leads to headaches. You will know when you are drinking enough water when you are going to the bathroom every three hours. Drinking too much at one time will "wash the good out with the bad", and also raise blood pressure causing your body to release a anti-diuretic hormone that causes you to excrete more water than you took in. For most people, 64 oz of water is sufficient, if you use creatine, I recommend double that, 120 oz, because it is said that one pound of muscle can hold 3 pounds of water. Try to keep a schedule of when to down a glass of pure, clean H20. Before, during, and after a workout, you can lose up to 20% of your strength due to dehydration.
    By drinking a substantial amount of water, it will accelerate essential nutrients through the body, thus promoting better digestion and protein and carbohydrate metabolism for increased physical strength, endurance, energy, concentration, memory, alertness and performance. Four milliliters of water is needed to store every gram of carbohydrates as glycogen, and we all know glycogen is a good thing. It also improves digestive, absorptive, circulatory and excretory functions. All this while eliminating muscle cramping, lowering pulse rate and blood pressure, preventing heart attacks, and maintaining proper electrolyte balance with no side effects. Water makes people feel better and more healthy by metabolizing stored fat, suppressing your appetite, removing waste products, regulating body temperature and conducting currents from the brain to the nervous system and then to the muscles, signaling contractions. The healing powers of water extend from injuries to illness. Water elevates the immunes system's defense by transporting antioxidants and aids in their effectiveness. Proper amounts lengthen the life of all vital organs, including liver and kidney. It also heals cuts, bruises and joint inflammation while decreasing the recovery of muscle soreness. Not to mention improving mood and well-being while decreasing irritability, fatigue, nervousness and "brain fog".
    So what kind of lifestyle you have dictates how much water you should drink to a degree. Your body still loses a substantial amount through everyday functions and operation. Don't wait until you start to get thirsty, by that time you are already at a disadvantage. In order to live longer and healthier and in the process benefit from all the advantages water has to offer, it is best advised to get off that couch, grab an empty milk carton and DRINK TILL YOU FLOAT.
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