I know it's sick, but my wife is a super smart nurse and I an experienced personal trainer and we have no idea what's going on with me. Over the past week, i've had bad spats of diaherra after I eat dinner in the evening. First off, i'm on the CKD diet, over two months into it, it's been going great so far. I'm currently taking Clen/T3/Alphaburn/Eviscerate to help me get that last bit of stubborn belly fat off. I switch the Clen out with ECA every two weeks. Last night I ate a normal keto dinner, a chicken bake my wife always makes, and tonight a burger patty with fried queso cheese. This is common diet dinners for us. My stool was hard and normal the first time, then I had to run back in both nights for around 5 relentless rounds of diaherra. I don't feel sick like I did feel in the past when I did have a stomach virus. Could it be the supplements? whats going on?