Pleas Review My Diet For My Cut :)

  1. Pleas Review My Diet For My Cut :)

    Im 5 foot 8 190 pounds about 12 percent bodyfat. I do weight lifting routines 5 days a week along with a cardio session before bed 3-4 times a week. supplements i will be taking- PMD Ampify XL Protein, Omega Cuts, Intensify(vitamin b6 and b12), Release Evening Formula (Fiber,detox) and Platinum Pump Fuel

    My diet looks like this so far:
    Morning- 4 servings of egg whites, 1 slice arnold bread,1 scoop whey

    Pre Workout- 1 slice of arnold bread with 1 serving of natural pb, protein snack bar Platinum Pump Fuel

    post workout-45 grams of whey protein

    post post work out meal- 1 cup brown rice, chicken breast, brocolli

    dinner-chicken breast , 1 sweet potato

    pre bed-greek yogurt, 2 whole eggs- sometime can of tuna


    Please Advise or suggest any tips

  2. Looks like good clean food for the most part.

    It's not just about protein though. Add up the total calories and if it's less than your required maintenance calories you should be good to go.

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