hello all,

i guess i should introduce myself as this is my first post on the forum.

i am 27 and am an ex semi-competitive rock climber/mile runner/triathlete. i dabled in just about every sport possible as well as running events through high school and what not, but due to constantly switching i found that running was the one thing i was always good at. i was always incredibly skinny, my whole life i was well under 10% body fat and ate garbage because of rediculous metabolism and constant activity.

about 2 years ago i stopped excercising completely- broke my hand at the start of tri season (i live in michigan so i was only going may-sept) and got a job. the first year was not so bad, i of course put on some weight but it wasnt anything too tragic, maybe 15 pounds which filled me out a little. however last year my body basically shut down due to work schedule, diet, and lack of excercise. i went from 128 in may of 2009 to 185 in january 2011. though 185 probably sounds fairly healthy for a guy who is 5"11, it has become a major issue for me considering my previous physique.

anyway, in january i decided i was going to kick the weight, get back into shape and start running again. i am however having some major issues, probably because i am trying to do too much at once.

my problem is that i am too heavy to run efficiently, and because i can not run efficiently i can't lose weight.

heres the outline:

running / swimming - i have been slowly building up through the snow (winters not over yet) and made a week where i hit 40 miles. however that is at 9-10 minute mile pace, last week i focused on speed workouts/farleks/7:30 pace 2-3 milers. i am still very uncomfortable at this pace and my legs are totally dead this week coming out of it. im swimming after lifting usually, maybe 1-2 miles a week.

lifting - i have made drastic improvements, in fact i am lifting more than i ever have, in fact i am quite confident that when i kick the weight i will be content with my size/definition. i get into the gym about 4-5 times a week. i will post pictures later.

supplements - i struggle here. in a desperate effort to made quick gains i started using a variety of things, which is brand new to me. currently i am taking
b12 / chromium
nettle root
bcaa's with glucamine (post run)
nitro tropic 4 preworkout
gold standard whey (mostly after lifting)
and a multi and fish oil.

diet - awful. i know i need the protein for the muscle gains, but i also need carbs for the running. i really dont regulate my diet, because i like eating a lot and tbh i dont know what i really need in terms of food to kick the supplements or focus on weight loss without sacrificing energy on my runs/in the gym. i usually just eat what ever my body craves, which is a large amount of meat at every meal, but i also get some high carb intakes from rice, beans, tortillas, etc at just about eveyr meal. also, when i start getting into the more serious distances, i need iron, so i usually favour red meats.

can anyone offer me any advice? i feel like i am getting enough protein from my diet, and that i am probably keeping a lot of the weight from the excess i am getting in my protein shake. that being said, i dont really want to lose any muscle mass, so i am hesitant to drop the shake as i am already slowing my gains by adding so much mileage. i am also confused as to the nitro tropic, because it has creatine which ws a big seller for me - but i am not sure as to the amount in it. i have no problem kicking the shake or switching for something like jacked 3d, but i dont know whether i would need to then take creatine seperately or if it would do the job and let me kick the water weight which i feel could be a problem. however, i hold all my weight in my stomach so im not sure if thats really a factor at all.

another issue for me is the diet. i want to be able to have enough fuel to perform, on the other hand i am not performing because i am too heavy. vicious cycle. i wouldnt mind a short term diet to cut, or even using some kind of supplement, but again i run into problems like lost gains after cycles (like blood doping or test boosts), especially because most of them from what ive seen require anti-oestrogen or test boosting which isnt really an option considering my temper and job. also, im a little hesitant to play with my hormones too much considering that i can already notice the shift from aging..

once i kick some weight, i know i can hold it off as my running will improve (regardless of diet), but i also probably wont be able to gain the mass ive recently gotten back if i kick it with straight diet. i guess i am slightly afraid that if i do it with a test boost i will just gain it right back regardless of workouts because of rebalancing.

anyone have any input?

(sorry for long post...)