clen + t4 cycle help

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    clen + t4 cycle help

    Hello everyone,

    i want to start a clen + t4 cutting cycle now, i have done clen + t3 before but as t3 is now unreachable for me i have gotten some t4.

    now i know that t4 is about 25-50 % to t3 conversio but the question is how much should i take, as t3 i know should go up to 125mcg a cycle at the top pyramid, due to that transition as i have hold of 100mcg t4 tablets should the cycle be 100-200-300-400 mcg's and tamper down?

    will 400 cmg of t4 will not screw with the thyroid? or as for conversion rate it should go normal?

    please, help me a bit on this one, as i want to start the cycle but will not untill i have some info

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    T3 is 4x T4. Thus 100mcg of T4 is only 25mcg of T3.

    I personally prefer T4 over T3, especially for longer periods of dosing. It has a very long half life, and will build up in your body and slowly convert into T3. Whatever dose you start at, maintain it for 2 weeks before you start increasing it. It takes about 2 weeks to notice the full benefits of what a T4 dose is going to give you.

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