Cutting Plan

  1. Cutting Plan

    Hey Guys,

    I won't bore you to death with the exact details of my diet and workouts, but presuming I have got both of them down (I do have a plan!). How does this look for an eating/working out plan.

    Goal is to lose fat for the summer and maintain muscle size and strength. Am probably about 12% now, mostly on my chest and stomach!

    6:00 - wake up
    6:15 - BCAAs + water + multivit
    6:30 - 20-30 mins cardio
    7:00 - Milk, Oats, Banana or Egg & Brown Toast
    11:00 - Cottage Cheese + fruit
    14:00 - Tuna or Mackerel, Pasta, salad or green veg
    17:00 - Shake (35g carb 30g protein)
    18:00 - Lifting Weights 3/4 days a week - mountain biking a couple of days.
    19:00 - Meat, brown rice or pasta, veg
    22:00 - Bed

    Creatine, Protein, BCAAs, Multivit, Real Proper Whole Food. All present and correct.

    My diet will be more varied than that - but like I said - don't need to write an essay!

    Can anyone see anything stupid I am doing / not doing?

    Any input gladly received


  2. Whats your Macros?

  3. I maintain on 2500 - 2700 cals depending on my exercise,

    I am cuttin on 2000 -2200 cals.

    40/40/20 CPF

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