i was hoping some knowledgeable bro's could give some thoughts on the following information. I have a female friend that had gastric bypass surgery. She has lost approx. 156 pounds in 7 months. These things are facts and now i worry about her food intake. She now weighs approx 163 pounds. And her stomach only holds about 4 ounces. Her calorie intake is less than 400, but more when she supplements with protein. I worry about her being catabolic during the day, cause she really doesnt, or cant, eat anything. She works out about 3-4 days a week with cardio. She wants more tone, more muscle, she wants to look good. She is a nurse practioner, so she knows medical stuff, she speaks of getting hypogylcemic at nights and post workout. She has a really hard time intaking carbs. She usually takes peanut butter and gatorade pre-workout. All of the traditional information i know doesnt apply for her, and i was wondering if you could give your thoughts or anyone else for that matter.