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    I would like to ask if anyone here experienced a yo-yo thing kind of dieting? Please share your experienced and how to be able to overcome it and what is the best diet ever. Thanks

  2. By yo-yo do you mean high-low cal days?

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    By yo-yo do you mean high-low cal days?
    I think the OP means their diet is fluctuating. They'll start a diet, lose weight, then gain it back, lose it, gain it back, so on and so forth...

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    ...what is the best diet ever...
    The "best" diet ever is a LIFESTYLE diet, one that you can maintain forever, manipulating nutritional variables based on your goals and needs. There is no one "best" diet for everyone - the "best" diet is going to be individual dependent. You need to find what works best for YOU - this takes experimenting, trial and error, but in the end, once you know what works, stick to it.

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  5. best diet ever:

    You already know, apply yourself.

  6. once u go on a diet and your fat cells shrink and u dont maintain that weight, u gain ur weight back at a faster, easier weight, and most of the time u weigh even more than what u started out with before ur first weight loss journey.
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  7. To expand on what rosie said, the best way is to start making small changes to what you eat and make those small changes habits and a part of your life, not a short term solution. Then make more small changes and just keep repeating that till you reach your goal.


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