Recompadrol and Keto?

  1. Recompadrol and Keto?

    Ok so from what i've read Recompadrol is of good benefit to CKD diet supposedly because it has Garcinia Cambogia in it, which supposedly helps the body produce more ketones, thereby burning more bodyfat, while in ketosis. Is there any truth to this? Has anyone tried this while doing keto? I already have tried Slin Sane only during carb ups and i got freaking swole from just that, but taking something like this while through CKD and it helping to burn more fat, that's just awesome. Anyo0ne?

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    I have no clue. I haven't used Recompadrol (yet), but I've used a ton of other nutrient repartitioners; particularly on a keto diet. I've always used them only before carb re-feeds, though. I hadn't heard anything about running a product like that outside of that situation or perhaps right before bed.
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  3. I think before bed and during carb ups would be the best bet IMO. I always get killer sleep when i take nutrient partitioners pre bed and sick pumps during carb ups.

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