Peptides or cortisol blockers while on CKD

  1. Peptides or cortisol blockers while on CKD

    Which would be more profitable to keto? I've done Clen/T3 stack, i'm on ECA stack plus Eviscerate now. Would GHRP2 or CJC be any good for burning fat on keto? Aren't cortisol levels higher when in keto too? Would Lean Xtreme be a good choice for keto?

  2. in the same boat as you and basically have done the same things as you clen/t3 in the past currently on eca and have eviscerate though im holding off on the eviscerate till a bit later. Im looking at adding in 11oxo to reduce cortisol levels. I do know eviscerate does this as well but dont plan on using eviscerate ed. Im also on ckd and on week 2 with 7lbs gone and looking for the 10lb mark before monday(offical 2 weeks in keto) Peptieds i have no idea about thoes.

  3. In my personal opinion I would say Lean Xtreme is not worth taking on keto. One of the biggest points of keto is to increase your insulin sensitivity so when you have a carb up it is mainly stored as glycogen. Your cortisol levels may be higher, but regularly you have no carbs coming in. I think Lean Xtreme would work better for someone on a carb cycling diet since there is always a carb intake present.

    I do think the ECA stack will help on a keto though. Not only will it help rev the metabolism up but also give you extra energy for your training and so forth.

    My 2 cents.

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