Critique my postworkout/breakfast shake

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    Critique my postworkout/breakfast shake

    I know, based on a thread from about 7-8 months ago, that this could get out of control, but I just thought I would see what people think of my postworkout shake/breakfast. I workout in the morning and this is what I have afterwards on my way to work.

    Yogurt: 17.5g carb, 4g pro, 1g fat, 95 cals
    Ground Oats: 40.5 carb, 7.5g pro, 3.75g fat 225 cals
    Milk: 19.25g carb, 14g pro, 0g fat, 140 cals
    Whey: 4g carb, 44g pro, 2g fat, 216 cals
    Banana: 16g carb, 1.5 pro, 1g fat, 62.5 cals

    Totals: 97.25g carb, 71g pro, 7.75g fat, 738.5 cals

    Thoughts/comments welcomed.

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