Recomping, How to Do it?

  1. Question Recomping, How to Do it?

    I've been on cuts, I've been on "bulks," but never tried to do both at the same time. It seems hard to wrap my brain around. Carbs tend to be low while I'm on a cut, but high when I'm on a bulk. You need less calories than you take in to lose fat, but more than you burn to build muscle. How does one recomp? I'd imagine simple carbs immediately upon waking to halt catobolism, followed by whey in water, also to halt the catobolism, then very low/ no carbs until immediately post-workout. Then, again, simple carbs immediately, followed by whey in water, and no more carbs until the next morning? That's a complete guess, based on what I think might be logical. How truly slowgoing is this process? And lastly, because it's least important, are there any supplements that are really of any help while recomping? I'm only 21, so a test booster, etc; isn't going to help much in that regard. I was thinking maybe just a nutrient repartitioner and the ECA stack. But then I have to eat more carbs for the nutrient repartitioner to work... lot of questions. Loooot of questions.

    Cliffs, if anybody's like to break their answer down into parts:

    1.) Recomping diet, it's like a contradiction, how to do it.
    2.) Lifting-- heavy weight/ low reps or vice versa?
    3.) How slow is this process, really?
    4.) Supplements specifically helpful on a recomp?

  2. Good questions.
    At-2 with an eca stack may prove useful here.
    I have found that what works well for me is cutting carbs almost completely and having a carb up day once a week. When I carb up I cut fats down and try and eat healthier carbs, but like everyone sometimes the cheat is important.
    Also carbs in the morning are not entirely needed or preworkout. Adding in fasted cardio in the morning will work wonders. I like to add a fatburner before fasted cardio for even more thermo effect. Adding carbs post workout can help but again not needed. If you want though try optimum recovery. Taste is awesome and it does help. I have 2 scoops right after my workout Friday night
    Before my carb up day.
    Hope this answers some questions.

  3. Good information, I like that it's based on personal experience, thanks a lot!

  4. include lots of prayer....

    switching cardio + workouts if possible to fasted helps. Just being 100-200 calories above maintenance seems the sweet spot. If you can do your strength workouts M/Tu/W and be above maintenance calories those days, then do cardio + be below maintenance Th/F/Sa/Su. that way you are doing the bulk + cut in smaller increments. It definitely works better with the days clumped together that way, than working out m/w/f with those days being over maintenance and the days between being under.

  5. oh to answer your specific questions

    1.) Recomping diet, it's like a contradiction, how to do it. most important is total calories it seems, being a little on the fat heavy side is generally good for testosterone levels, but also makes it easier to be a bit off calories wise if you don't measure cautiously

    2.) Lifting-- heavy weight/ low reps or vice versa? - If your goal is strength, then heavy/low, if your goal is size then lighter/high. Not really related to the recomp itself.

    3.) How slow is this process, really? - depends, but in a lot of ways each direction is slower, but I think net results isn't all that different over the span of a year. Gaining 20lbs on a bulk to lose 15 on a cut to have netted 7lbs lean over 6 months is pretty much where you can be at recomping anyhow.

    4.) Supplements specifically helpful on a recomp? - depends on how you really do it. Glucose disposal agents like glycobol can help, stims like motivate can help particularly if you aren't used to/dont like fasted cardio/workouts. Outside of that not a huge difference from supplements

  6. Great stuff, Easy. You're always a big help.
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    Great information in here.

    It's definitely a fine line to walk. I really like Easy's suggestions on the higher cal days coming on heavy workout days (building muscle) and below maintenance days on cardio or off days (cutting fat); I've utilized that method (along with carb cycling; high on leg / back days, moderate on other lifting days, low/no on cardio and off days) with success.

    As far as lifting style goes, I actually really enjoy alternating weeks. Since the start of the year, I've been doing a Max-OT (heavy weight, low reps/sets) week and then a high intensity (60 seconds rest between sets, 4x12 on 3-4 exercises per muscle group) week. I have actually been gaining strength (at a caloric deficit most of the time, because I just want to cut and don't care about recomping at the moment lol) and my endurance has been great. Until I just completely plateau, I'll keep using this style of training because there is a decent amount of keeping your muscles guessing anyway.

    And in terms of supplements for recomping, I think Easy hit this one on the head, too. I love nutrient repartitioners at all times, but especially for this. Shuttle those nutrients into muscle, rather than fat. I've used a ton of them and like a ton (I still need to try Glycobol, actually). I've probably felt the most from Need2Slin; in terms of the feeling internally shortly after taking it. I realize that since I'm now a rep for NTBM how that looks but that was a purchase I made far in advance. And I also like Slin Sane
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  8. Building a plan, building a plan.

  9. ive found primo to be an excellent recomping agent

  10. Quote Originally Posted by ambulldog View Post
    ive found primo to be an excellent recomping agent
    Yup Test, Tren, and Var also hit the sweet spot !

    Also, I notice that keeping my cutting phases to 8 weeks is best for me. I'll increase my calorie uptake to 15 cals per pound. I'll cut at 10 cals per pound. Slin Sane is a good and decent priced partitioner. I also like creatine during a cut when the carbs need to be dropped. Good luck and stay disciplined because it's discipline that makes the biggest difference when it's all said and done.

  11. Good information here guys,im slowly gaining knowledge myself on the recomp subject and liked the bit about having a good amount of carbs on training days and little to none on off days and cardio,sounds like carb cycling would be a good practice to follow during a recomp phase?Besides all of the basic staples of fat burners(eca etc.. im thinking of giving Androlean a go during a future recomp.But yeah like to hear some more info on recomping ,recomping to me allways seemed a healthier way to go about gaining mass and being in good shape year round..therefore not going in circles doing the dreaded winter bulk and summer cut every year.


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