Anobolic diet?

  1. Anobolic diet?

    Anyone try it? I want to loose fat and not loose a pound of muscle. Going to stay on creatine, and a natty test booster for about 6 weeks and try this thing. Right now I am 190-193 and about 5' 10-11" tall, 31 years old. I dont have much fat to loose but I cant see my abbs ( only the top 4 ) and my cuts are a little weak. What do you guys think, I kinda want to cut up and then do cylce of H drol in june.

    I started working out pretty hard 8 years ago, I went from 155 to 210lbs and cut back down to 190s all natural! But I am pretty much stuck in the 190s and dont want to gain any fat. Arms are 17 3/4 flexed no pump and 45" chest without a pump. I want get to 197-200 at the same or less body fat by mid summer!

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    The anabolic diet is not one that I'm overly familiar with, nor have I used it. You should be fine to cut up the amount you want without losing much, if any, muscle, though. Just reduce cals slightly and keep the cardio minimal (I always find losing from just nutrition alone and not relying on cardio yields the most muscle sticking around). You sound like you know your stuff as far as keeping the staples while you cut to maintain as much as you can.

    Congrats on your goals so far naturally; very impressive work.

    If you need any help, I'm happy to do what I can (like I said, this is just a diet that I haven't taken the time to study). Good luck, bro.
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  3. I have yet to see any mechanism (not including anabolics) that has any real measured evidence of fat loss without muscle loss.

  4. Thanks guys. Thats why I am hopping the supps help, I am going to try it and I will let you guys know how it goes! Thats all I could do is try right. When I cut down from 197 to 185 last year I lost WAY to much muscle, but this time I am much less body fat so it should not be so drastic.

  5. More or less it seems the faster you try to lose it, the more muscle you lose with the fat. But good luck, i'm still in some mental fat loss pain thinking about starting contest prep in late may/june.

  6. So I am 5 days in, I am down to 188 already! Not sure if this is good or not, I am eating like crazy but I am only getting 2500-2600 cals a day... I dont feel this is enough to matain or grow lean muscle and cut down the fat. I dont want to loose the weight to fast! Any thoughts on this guys. How can I get more cals and should I? I do look a little better already though. I also feel ALLOT better, I dont get tired around 2pm like I used to.

  7. Another thought, looks like I am eating about 500 cals a meal...should I eat more in one meal instead of eating another meal?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyCamaro View Post
    Another thought, looks like I am eating about 500 cals a meal...should I eat more in one meal instead of eating another meal?
    Regarding this and your prior post, it's really going to be determined by what your maintenance caloric intake is. It's so subjective from person to person that saying "yes, more than 500 cals per meal" doesn't necessarily work. Judging by what you've said, though, you probably have a high enough maintenance level that you could afford to add more cals in general; where is up to you.

    If you're afraid you're losing too fast, just add in some more cals each day and see what that does for you.
    Psalm 34:10 - "The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."
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  9. Ok thanks man, I eat some peanuts and some chees before I went to bed last night. I calculated about 2700-2800 yesterday. I think I will try for at lest that for a week.

  10. keep in mind too that the first few days of switching dietary strategy significantly can see big swings of weight from difference of fiber/water in intestines, and overall water retention. I've seen 4-5lbs in 2 days one way or the other with changes.

  11. Ok, I guess I just freaked out a bit... Last year I looked good in the summer at 185 but my back and arms just did not fill out my shirts anymore My arms and chest are bigger this year, I cant imagine loosing that muscle I worked my ass off for. I find it crazy that my arms are 1/2" bigger and chest is 1" bigger and I wiegh the ****ing same, even my shoulders look better. How is that....

  12. Things are good so far, I am holding 187 and my waste is down 3/4 inch. It actually looks like I am building muscle, but I think its because I am leaning out. Arms are still 17 3/4 pumped, chest is holding the same too! I am also having VERY good workouts... alot of energy. I am 9 days in so far....after next week I am going to start my natty test booster.

  13. I did the anabolic diet coming off a cut and put on some good muscle with no fat gain, for the first 14 days you will lose massive amounts of water and your muscles will look flat, then after your first 48hour carb up you will gain a lot back but it is just gylcogen not fat

    I used the diet as a bulker, gained about 4-5lbs in 8 weeks all natty so I would say it was a success, but you basically eat like complete crap the whole time and after 8 weeks I couldn't handle it anymore

    Good luck with your run though, keto like diets can work amazing for some people, hopefully you are one of them

  14. Thanks man, ya my muscles seem like they are flatting out a little the last 2 days. I am on day 11 and I am not carbing up till fri so I will be 14 days striaght! I notice my pumps were not that good sat, but my workouts are crazy good.

  15. Hey buddy creatine is much helpful to loss the body fat and not the muscles.... You should stay's on it without any hesitation and make a good one deal with your body and health.... If you wanna burn your belly fat sooner than you will have some fat burner like the green tea to burn the body fat sooner... That will surely help's you allot of....

  16. Still hanging in there, I am still 187lbs, but my waist and cuts definitly are looking better! I am staying on creatine and natty test booster I started last week. So far so good, no loose of muscle at all!


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