Keto diet questions.

  1. Keto diet questions.

    Ok so maybe this has been covered before but in case not.
    1. How long before the body goes into a state of keto. I bought ketostix this morning. Day 3 and so far nothing.
    2. Based of that above should I carb up this weekend ? Was planning on it but if I'm not in ketosis yet then would it just mess everything up ?
    3. I'm using myofusion at the moment. Is that ok to use on a keto diet ? Only 5 grams of carbs.
    4. How long is doing this diet safe for ?

    Currently on the triple crown stack if that makes a difference. It seems that I have already lost about a pound and don't look bloated but that could just be from not eating carbs for a few days.
    I don't typically eat a lot of carbs but over the past month or so I've def fell off that wagon making daily trips to the bakery (blueberry coffee cake is awesome)


  2. As per anabolic diet you should not carb load until 14 days of keto eating. This is to ensure the metabolic switch.

    As to how long till your body starts using ketones for energy this is going to vary from person to person

    As for ketostick, while they are helpfull they are not 100% accurate. For a ketostick to show ketones your body has to have an excess and then get rid of those ketones in your urine. You may very well be using ketones for energy and not have any extra to pee out so it can show negative but is positive
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