best thing to take with ECA stack?

  1. best thing to take with ECA stack?

    Hi, i'm doing a keto CKD diet and i've been taking Clen/T3 for the past two weeks and it's been amazing. So, during the two weeks that i'm off that and on ECA whats the best thing to take with the ECA to make it nearly as effective as the Clen/T3?

  2. Correct me if im wrong but doesn't Ephedrine and Clen work off the same beta receptors which means that if you stick with your plan your just continually down-regulating the receptors which makes both the drugs less effective.

    ..I mean I could be wrong

  3. Clen effects your beta-2 receptors where Ephedrine has similar effect although not as much on your Beta 2 and 3 receptors. So unless you're doing something to upregulate your receptors they aren't going to be anywhere near where they should be when you're on clen/t3 again.

  4. what did you have in mind for receptor up-regulation. cuz im going 2 week clen/ 2 week ECA as well

  5. Well most people tend to use Keto or Benadryl.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by JC117 View Post
    what did you have in mind for receptor up-regulation. cuz im going 2 week clen/ 2 week ECA as well
    I'd like to know too? do I need to take ketotifen or benadryl for ECA as well?

  7. I'm not sure that running benadryl while you run ECA would get your receptors where they'd need to be. I'd say cut the ECA out.

  8. Second opinion anyone?

  9. Take a break. Your body will thank you.

  10. Benadryl does crap IMO. I've tried it at high doses, and nothing. Ketotifen is much more effective.

    ECA and Clen will work on the same basic principles, so it would not be a break for your beta receptors. Drop the ECA.

    You can keep running T3 while you're off clen, that shouldn't be a problem.

    While you're off for 2 weeks, you can also add in something like Alpha-T2 to hit the Alpha-2 receptors to stop fat from being preserved. Just be sure to dose it at least 30 minutes before meals, insulin will kill the effects.

    When you're done with the clen/T3, be sure to do some thyroid PCT with something like 7-keto DHEA and kelp (iodine). Your thyroid will recover, but during the down time you'll be tired and metabolism will be down. You want that to recover ASAP.


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