Anything Like Slim Xtreme?

  1. Anything Like Slim Xtreme?

    Hey, been out for a yr. Bought Slim Xtreme 2 yrs ago, was amazing. They took it off so I don't know what else is good. Any info is greatly appreciated.


  2. Alpha-T2 + OEP
    Alpha-T2 + EC
    Alpha-T2 + E-pharm AMP...........SICK!!!!

  3. I tried the triple crown stack and it didn't really do much for me besides dry my joints out. Training was intense 5 days a week, split training sessions, diet was strict, and sleep was adequate. I'm thinking of trying a ECA stack next to shred the last bit of fat around my lower abs.

  4. Isn't the main active in SX Clen? Jk Haha you would need two oep, one puts me to sleep I have the OG SX and when I need it I dose it with oep.

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