Clen dosing HELP

  1. Clen dosing HELP

    i have a bottle of liquid clen and a 1mL syringe that came with it in 1/10th increments.
    the bottle is 30mL @ 200mcg/mL.

    im looking at doing
    Week 1: 40, 60, 80, 80, 100, 100, 100
    Week 2: 100, 100, 100, 80, 80, 60, 40

    just so im correct 1mL is 200mcg so @ the 1/10th mark that would be 20mcg 2/10ths is 40mcg etc. right?

    just checking because 1/10th of a mL is like a droplet.

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    I've never worked with it in liquid form, but yes, that should be correct (as far as mcg per mL).

    I personally wouldn't taper the dosing down at the end. I also would increase based on how you feel. Let how your body reacts guide you in your dosing of this.
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  3. excellent thank you sir! im flexible on the dosing, just like you said it will be dependant on how i take the sides.

  4. Use benadryl at night to sleep, clen always gives me insomnia... plus the benadryl helps flush the receptor sites so you don't become as resistant to the effects as fast... enjoy the shakes!

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