Lets Talk About Diet...

  1. Lets Talk About Diet...

    So Ive never really had a problem with working out... my problem has always been diet... So im checking in to hopefully get this fat to to check out!

    My biggest question and concern is if I am getting too many carbs

    This is an average day...


    1 Cup Oats
    2 Cups Skim Milk
    1/2 Serving Almonds
    1/2 Serving Natty PB
    1 1/2 Scoops Dymatize Gourmet Protein (Whey and Casien)


    1 Beef Stick
    1 String Cheese


    Brown Rice, Chicken, Broccoli, and a little bit of Sauce of my choice for taste


    Two Servings of Almonds


    Salad with Chicken or Tuna


    1 Cup Cottage Cheese
    1 Scoop Protein

    let me know what you guys think. I think this roughly puts me around 150-170g of Carbs a day but clean sources. If this works for me I may run it for awhile and then do a keto or somehting

  2. What's your bodyfat % at? I start a cut when 12%+ with 300g carbs and lose fat at a healthy rate. If you are lower, then start worrying about the carbs. Judging by the meals, I think you are plenty fine.

  3. Bodyfat... hmmmm If i had to guess.. Id say in the 16-17 range... been awhile since I had one done but I was at 14% at 205 and Im back up to about 215 so... But im not doing any cardio at the moment...when I add in cardio I will probably need to up the cals.

    Right now im usually at about 2000-2300 cals a day

  4. I tend to place my emphasis on more eating / more working it off. So my approach would actually be to add a bit more complex carbs and cals in low dose amounts. Place the cardio after your training, and vary your cardio styles, intensities, and durations.

    You will definitely lose on what you have stated. I just hope you can keep up your intensity for working out. Try what you have, and when progress slows due to adaptation mix it up with perhaps some of my ideas and other board members' ideas.

    Best of discipline to ya

  5. Here is my advice.

    Workout your protein and fat requirments. Different sources recommend different amounts but in general I would say it is 1.5 grams protein per pound (people recommend more when cutting over the usualish 1gram) and about 0.3 grams fat per pound.

    After that workout your maint calories. Google it.

    Then get your maintenance calories reduce the total by about 400-500 and deduct your protein calories and fat calories. The remainder is your carb calories. Divide by 4 and then you get the right amount of carbs you should be eating.

    Then you can plug your average foods into a food calorie site and see if your a meeting your requirments.

    I know it seems difficult and too much. But really it might take an hour. Then instead of thinking ok my diet seems ok and should work, you will know it is EXACTLY right. Later if weight loss stops reduce carbs a little or do a little more cardio.

  6. Way too many carbs.
    I personally need to be around the 50-70g carb range to cut properly. That's a slow and steady (1lb a week) cut. I carb twice. Once in the morning and then once pre workout.
    That's it...

  7. Unless you are under 10% bodyfat and looking to go down from there total calories and cardio are way more important than carbs. There's even some evidence that high carbs can actually aid fat loss at higher bodyfat levels.

  8. everyone's body reacts differently to carbs, so take advice from everyone and adjust your carbs/fats until you start seeing clear results. i'd take jiberish's recommendation and tweek that until you find something that works for you
    Applied Nutriceuticals Lipotrophin-AM/PM Log - http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/173270-japs-cuttin-summer.html#post2832457

  9. I wouldn't say that you're getting too many carbs.. You're simply getting too much kCals if you're not losing weight... I would try and just lowering the total kCal intake with a few hundred each week, until you notice that you're losing weight... When you are at that place, then you can rework your diet in to the ratio of Protein, Fat and Carbs they way it fits you...

    When you have a diet that fits you and that shows results, then you can add cardio to aid in the speed or a supplement that increases the metabolism and/or a cortisolinhibitor..
    Personally I like the extra boost of energy I get from Stimulant-X, which can be really helpful while being on a strict diet...


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