Are veggies important when Bulking?

  1. Question Are veggies important when Bulking?

    Are vegetables really that important when bulking? Should I be eating them if I already take a mult-vit?
    Reason I ask is iv'e found most veggies to me low in calories and calories are what i need. Can I illiminate them and add more calorie dense food?

  2. Veggies still have some things that multis don't, so you should try to get at least a little bit each day. I sympathize with you on the point of the difficulty of trying to eat high cals while eating veggies as well - sometimes it feels like my stomach just can't hold anymore. Try eating veggies that are really dense in vitamins. Alfalfa is especially good, because it contains natural digestive enzymes, which could help with bulking.

  3. yes.. one thing that Dan didn't say was the fiber content in veggie help with digestion

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