Help with diet/training/supplements

  1. Help with diet/training/supplements

    Ordered following at NP:
    1xThe Get UP and GO Stack (Alpha-T2 + OxyElite Pro)
    1x Alpha Lipoic Acid Caps (100 caps/300 mg)
    1xThe Fiery Inferno Combo (HEAT Stack & AMP)

    I follow pretty good diet.ratios are as follows: p35% c45% f20%.
    Dont do weights but a small kettlebell program for
    Functional movements and endurance as well as training cardio at a min of 70% of my max HR for minimum of 40mins 4 days a week.

    Still Have stubborn lower ab flab. Suggestions to lean out along with the above stacked recently purchased from NP? 165lbs and 5ft 10"

    Looking to really shred up.if need be I can post my diet up but any thoughts?

  2. sounds alright, the get up and go stack is great, i cant speak for the others as ive never used them. just remember consistancy is the key. if your still not seing results after a few weeks maybe change to 40% for protien and carbs.

  3. Looks like you just need to throw in some weight training. It will kick your metabolism up a notch and hopefully get you to your goals.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Carcaya View Post
    Looks like you just need to throw in some weight training. It will kick your metabolism up a notch and hopefully get you to your goals.
    What would you recommend though? static like say concentration curls for biceps or compound movements i.e bench press (even though its a staple for any regime) but you get my drift?

    Im sorta new to this and not sure about lifting. I used to gym it but because i stacked on "shatloads" of weights because of a poor diet and lots of supplements like over doing N.O Explode servings etc causing water retention, i strayed from weights and got stuck into running.

    Just need upper body strength. I also have a fear of becoming "tight" again from doing weights. Ways to combat this?

    Any other suggestions to help?

    Many Thanks

  5. 5% rule

    Check your weight every week. If you lose weight (fat) keep it the same.
    If you don't, reduce calories by 5% or add 5 minutes more to your cardio sessions.
    Baby steps.

    I love doing it this way because you can lose the weight whilst still eating as much as possible.



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