recomp diet advice

  1. recomp diet advice

    re working my diet today to start on monday.hit a eating wall on my bulk so i figure i'd switch things 5'3 143(more to love body type,but not to bad,lol)here are the numbers i can up with so far

    4 meals 3 shakes
    cals 2230
    fat 33.5
    carbs 217
    pro 248

    i can posted detailed if it would help
    also im not "kill"my self this time around,if i want some chip imma gonna eat them,eating out ect

    in about 2 month i plan on starting:
    turinabol LV from PP
    prolly the new androhard
    PCT with recompadrol

    routine:will prolly lift heavier then normal pyramid up style with dropsets
    mon -legs
    tues-shoulder,rear delt,traps
    fri-back,bi's(light)traps,rear delts

    abs 3 times a week,cardio 3-5

    thanks for any help

  2. looks great, stay consistent with the cardio and you are going to look friggin mean!

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