HCG cut questions?

  1. HCG cut questions?

    My GF is going to pick up some oral HCG and I was thinking about running some but don't really understand the protocol for short runs? I don't want to dump a ton of weight so can anyone help me out with this? I understand on cycle and PCT use but what about as a stand alone on a cut?

  2. You and your GF would both be wise to not go this route and instead lose weight the more natural way...The hCG diet is a con and users lose weight simply because of the caloric deficit. If I understood what you're trying to do correctly...

  3. She seems to have her mind made up about it and I had talked with someone about running 500iu's only on Saturdays and Sundays but really didn't get the jist of what he was talking about. I know that it will raise test levels but don't know if you preserve gains while losing or just how it works. I am almost at the end of my bulk and I am very pleased with it, but I am looking at the cut now and thought this could help?

  4. This is going to suppress your LH and increase your estrogen conversion.....not to mention if your T is already naturally high enough you probably won't get much benefit from it...I would seriously try to talk your girl out of this, do some research on it and you will see what a waste of time/money it is...not to mention, the caloric deficit is gonna be a real problem once she actually starts eating a normal amount again...she will gain ALL of the weight back and more due to her metabolism slowing down.

  5. oral HCG does nothing, you lose weight on the diet becuase you are eating 500 calories a day.

  6. Yeah, unless there's actual HCG in the mix (which is highly, HIGHLY, doubtful) you are losing weight due to calories.

    Most of these are nothing but a bunch of L-compounds and some vitamins.

    Kinda like the old "HGH" that were advertised.

  7. Thank you! I have done some reading on it and had kinda a mixed review. Mostly people say they have results but I know that if your 50-100lbs over weight and you starve yourself for weeks sure your gonna lose a ton of weight. I was more going by the people she knows that were on it and had ordered it over the net and had good results. I was hoping to have an easier cut without losing as much mass as possible and not going truly AAS to do so.

  8. nope, HCG is not orally available. its a small protein chain, broken down by stomach acids.


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