Hey All,

I am starting a blog to help with my process of getting back to my goal weight and think that if I blog to at least myself It should keep me on the right track.

Back Brief: I am a 33 y/o male sitting at about 192 lbs and 20% bf (according to army standards) I was an impressive 175 with about 5% bf at the start of 2009 but I got back from Iraq and after 15 months of starving and working out like crazy.(I wasn't at a big base so I lived off of the tuna packets my wife sent and M.R.E's) I got back and have not been eating right at all eating everything in site. I am 5'9" with a good frame. I have gone through a few cycles of ph back in the day so I am no stranger to the supplement world ( when I first cut all my weight before Iraq the Venom tri-lean system worked amazing but they changed the formula so now its crap).

Goal: be 178-185 by July and be able to at least see a shadow of what I once was.

Plan: Morning work out will consist of 40 min cardio everyday. I switch it up between the rower, elliptical, treadmill, and stair stepper.
Afternoon workout will be three days a week m/w/f with day 1 Chest/Bi's day 2 Back/ Tri's Day three Legs/shoulders with abs mixed in every other day with cardio in the morning.

Diet: I so far am cutting all of the crap out (soda,chips,pizza, ect) I am trying to go more clean and natural. I have been studying up on diet plans but haven't found one i liked. Not strict enough yet for carb cycling or the keto diet so I will keep studying to see which one will work for me. So for now I am going to do the burn more than you take in method without sending my body into starvation mode. So with this I am writing everything down in my notebook to keep a log record with hunger, what I hate, how did it fill me, caliories consumed, fat, carbs,ect.

Supplements: Here is where I could use a little help from everyone I will list what I want to take and why and if anyone thinks its a bad idea or a good idea please tell me. I think I have a little residual effect from the ph from the past but I was younger and a little naive back then lol. SO the basic I am takeing now are a multi, co-q10,fish oil for joints,glucosimine for the same, I want to start and have the supps on hand:
erase: I am not as test dominate as I use to be due to age so I am sure it is helping with some water retention.
Oxyelite pro: Need a good stim for that extra kick start for the fat burning.
alpha-t2: I figured it is a non-stim burner and I can attack my fat loss from both sides
Lean Xtream: Great on cortisol control figured that is some of my problem
Can these be used together? if so possible how to dose? I was going to follow package directions and work the dosing from there on how I felt.

I forgot to mention I am going into this stack due to a recent plateau I hit I dropped from 198 to 192 but I am stuck in getting over that hump and losing motivation to go to the gym so I am hoping by me spending the money and taking the supps it will give me a new force to get back in.

Thanks for the reading if you did lol any advice will be helpful and I promise to update every couple days.