A can of tuna, 3 hardboiled eggs, and mayo

  1. A can of tuna, 3 hardboiled eggs, and mayo

    Sounds gross and tastes great!

    Just thought I'd share.

  2. yes i have tryed it before and it definatley is a quality meal

  3. I'll have to try that out today. Sounds good.

  4. This is what you get when you combine Tuna and chickens BEFORE making a salad outta them

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  5. sounds good... will give it a try
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  6. add pickle relish and you have tuna salad..

  7. Quote Originally Posted by DieTrying

  8. I use those too. I also throw in some onions.

  9. Something else to throw in for your taste buds is Peperoncinis (wax peppers). Gives it a good flavor. Diced tomatoes are also good.

  10. I lived off of something similar for about 2 weeks. 1 can of tuna, 3 hardboiled eggs, lots of mayo. It was tasty, but eating it day in and day out gets really old. Just had some tuna with french onion dip and crystal sauce in it. That wasn't too bad.

  11. Yeah, all those sound good....tried some of'em before. Recently tried plain tuna with homemade salsa over it....wasn't bad, just ate with fork....been doing this about twice a day.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Rock Lee

  13. I heard somewhere that it's not good to consume a lot of tuna due to the mercury found in it. Anyone else know of this? The mercury is very little, but I heard that excessive eating of tuna, or any seafood for that matter, isn't good due to the amount of mercury in the ocean. ?

  14. The original recipe has too much fat for me.
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  15. the biological buildup of mercury and other heavy metals is now actually starting to become a problem. my mom told me about this awhile ago when i was eating tons of tuna....

  16. I'll have to try that...btw my fav is tuna and mustard sandwiches, its a clean way to spice up ur tuna w/o adding fat


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