Ephedroman needs so motivation

  1. Ephedroman needs some motivation

    So here's the background on why Im making this thread.

    A while back I was 315 pounds and just hating my life until I told myself something had to change. Over the course of 3 summers (I was in school at the time and trying to learn what to do) I got down to 225 pounds which if I recall correctly is my lowest weight to date.

    Currently i've gotten myself into a relationship for a while which im happy about but have been gaining weight to the point that im now up to 265-270 pounds. Just this past year I've ran 3 cycles of t3 and the same with clen. I've ran ephedrine and other weight loss pills even though I know theres not a "magic" pill as I will be the first one to say it, its all about the diet and training and then pills last. The bad things is I havent taken a day off of any pill for probably the last 6 months (I stop one and start the other which is why I think im feeling so horrible).

    I started smoking in april of last year and know I can stop but could that be one of the hindrance's in my journey to motivation?

    I work a job 4 days a week (on account of school) from 4-1am and am having trouble getting sleep in. Im in college and on my days off I constantly sleep instead of going to the gym which I know I need to do.

    Basically I come to you guys needed some ideas or opinions on how to get back motivated. Would the reason I feel so horrible and can't ever get enough sleep and when I do I still feel cloudy on the inside because of all the pills I take? I know I need to take a few weeks off of ephedrine and other weight loss pills but for some reason its harder to believe myself than believing other people.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. I know if I can get back motivated I can do big things and thats what I want to get back into doing. So what do you guys do to get out of the "slump"?


  2. Frist off i'd stop with the pills.Fix your sleeping problem try something like melatonin.Then if you really want to loss weight start working out its not that hard to start doing just start doing it change your diet and work from there.You wanting to lose weight should be all the motivation to start buddy.good luck!

  3. Motivation comes from within man.

    You gotta quit smoking and be careful to not let food become its replacement then youre gonna gain asssloads more weight.

    You have already lost tons of weight, why stop now?? you know you can do it so keep going. Imagine where you want to be and make that the goal and never stop until you have it.

    Also, i notice you mentioned using ephedrine for 6 months...Bad idea bro. Your neuro receptors have now effectively become accustomed to the ephedrine and it will do Nothing. Take a break from that for a while. They will destroy your sleep. As mentioned before grab melatonin.

    Good luck friend

  4. you don't want to hear this but... quit the smoking!

    I just quit about 2 weeks ago because of articles such as these.

    Edit: I can't include the articles due to my post count, but search for "smoking DNA damage" and "smoking ages you" on google.

    I always thought smoking would end up killing me when i'm old... but DNA damage within minutes of smoking a cigarette? holy smokes no thanks, lol.

    Also, get the diet and sleep in check. Instead of worrying about hitting the gym right now, start keeping a log of everything you eat including the calories (a little guesswork included). As far as melatonin, I believe they even make an extended release pill--get that.

    Once you're getting enough sleep and feeling better (and quit smoking :P), then get yourself into the gym! There's no point in working out if you can't get the required sleep in, i tried it once and it just made me feel SO ****ty, tired, and drained

  5. and for motivation, find some pictures of hot chicks with hot bods in some fitness magazines and cut that **** out and post it on your wall! This may sound kinda weird, but maybe even put up some pictures of bodybuilders like Arnold from his Conan years.

    Whenever you feel like you want to eat something like ice cream or pizza that might ruin your diet or if you're feeling too lazy to go to the gym, just go look at those pictures on your wall. Do you think arnold looked like that by being lazy and eating pizza? no way! (well, maybe he ate pizza but you know what i mean)

  6. Thanks guys for all the help, you dont know how much its been worth it having people here for you when you get off track.

    Right now i've started day one of taking time off the stims and im quitting smoking as we speak. I really think stopping these will help out alot with getting back motivated.


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