am i missin anything in my diet?

  1. am i missin anything in my diet?

    I am currently 166-169 pounds, I am 5'11 and I have about 13% bodyfat.. I lift 5 days a week + cardio, the online calcs says my maintence cals are around 2750.. I am not to great at making diets so I was hoping someone could look this over for measley reps..

    My diet consists of natty pb, oats, whey, egg whites, tuna, FF cottage cheese, apple, banana, brown rice, veggies, olive oil, chick, steak,and nuts..

    It all comes out to around 70g of fat, 160g of carbs and 270g of Protein.

    Do i need to up my fat and lower my carbs or protein?? also on my off days should I lower or up my carb intake??

  2. it depends on what your goals are at 2400cal like what your doing you should lose some fat and yeah you should drop your some of your carbs on rest days as you won't be needing them for lifting or cardio

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