Ok guys, so this is my first post, and ive been a member here for quite some time. Im looking to get absolutely disgustingly shredded, and I know that this is no easy task. Im currently 6'0" and weight about 195lbs at about 15-17% bodyfat. Now I know im not the leanest, but ive managed to cut down from about 320lbs, its just these last few are really killing me. My diet is pretty reasonable, considering im a college student living in a dorm, so my selections are limited, but here is a breakdown of my daily intake:

Breakfast: 5eggs, 1/2 cup oatmeal

Mid- morning: Kashi/protein bar about 200-300cal

Lunch: Turkey on whole wheat/mustard
5 egg whites

dinner/post workout: two turkey wraps/ 1 slice swiss/ mustard

snack: protein/ kashi bar

So my goal is to get shredded by April 20th (when I go visit my girlfriend on spring break), my current training is very very full of cardio I run at least 40-50miles per week because im training for Marines Officer School, and im doing a moderate amount of ab work. My main focus has shifted from lifting to a more cross fit type of workout, and my question is first, is it unreasonable to drop 5% bodyfat in that time frame, and two what stacks can you guys throw together, based on my stats, that will help me out? Im not into the prohormone thing, tried the trifecta stack and didnt respond well. Any advice diet, training and supps is appreciated, thanks!