Fatty to freak

  1. Fatty to freak

    Here's my goal. I currently weigh in at 245lb's. Over a year ago I weighed 305, went to a nutritionist along with a doctor, she put me on phentermine and a diet plan. I dropped down to about 239lbs, but I lost a lot of muscle during that weight loss. Before my move to Fla as I stated i was at 239, i gained about 6lbs, and its been stubborn to come off. For xmas i received a gym membership and its only been about a month, I feel some of my strength i may have lost come back. But, I have another 45lbs i want to drop before I'm going to be happy. Heres what im trying to follow.

    9am breakfast
    with cyano, n'fuse, lean core, multivitamin.
    930am Gym
    N'sane pre-workout
    11am lunch / protein shake cyano, lean core
    2-3 a snack
    5pm dinner
    with cyano
    normally its chicken, potatoes, some rice, veggies.
    7-8 snack

    i keep it within about 2500cal.

    try to kick in about 45min of cardio after a work out.
    My goal to get back in to fighting shape as i was for MMA.

    Ideas help, bulk cut.

  2. Wow man great job on ther weightloss, I too was 305 a year ago and have been stuck between 230-240...basically the same problem goin on here, no matter how healthy I eat..

  3. Thanx Zac soon as i find some pics ill post them up. from then till i hit the 239 mark.

    scratch that can't post pics for another 16 posts lol

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