xtend and bloating

  1. xtend and bloating

    So I am cutting right now and I put about 10 scoops of xtend in my gallon of water and sip through out the day. I also was using splenda in my morning oatlmeal and before cardio cofee, but cut it out and replaced with stevia as I noticed cramps, bloat and dehydration from splenda. My question about xtend is:

    Has anybody experienced bloat from xtend? I was using grape flavor and switched over to lemonade, but for some reason I just started to get bad bloating as soon as i switched, or could it be that I am taking in to much sucralose? Any input or experience with this?

  2. You don't need 10 scoops. Thats way too much and wasteful. Try 4 scoops and I bet the bloating will go away.

  3. That was my reaction at first too. But he said he sips on it ALL DAY. So I guess 10 scoops isn't really overkill if it is actually drank over an entire 12-16 hour period like that.

    But yah, when I do extend I only use 3-4 scoops and drink it during a workout. And no, it's never made me bloat before.

  4. Hmm, haven't heard of bloat. Could it be some other factor you're overlooking?

  5. I had the same issue when I used too much. Even if you sip it throughout the day, its just way too strong and causes stomach issues. Too much Citric Acid if I had to guess...

  6. Could the body really use that much? Wouldn't your kidneys process it as waste?

  7. The BCAA's right?

    No, don't notice any bloat.
    I don't do more than 3 scoops a day though.


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