body overhall - - have a plan but need some help!

  1. body overhall - - have a plan but need some help!

    Hi, I'm after a bit of advice if possible, currently I am around 79 kg , 176cm, and I think 18% BF ideally Iíd like to get to about 10% by the summer (as fast as possible though!) and a weight of 73-75kg I appreciate it isn't going to be a quick fix, so I am planning on taking it stages so I donít lose focus.
    I work in an office mainly daytime and train quite late on to avoid the crush (normally 8ish)
    Over the next 4 weeks Iíd like to strip as much fat off me as possible and make some lean gains, which are coming anyway now Iím back training properly after recovering form my shoulder injury.

    I have been on a bit of a detox and diet trying to shed some fat however the results Iíve seen so far havenít been too encouraging, I can see an improvement but I want to step up my training regime and diet and try to strip as much off as quick as possible without losing muscle

    Training wise:
    I am planning on doing 30 mins fasted intervals on the treadmills in the morning, Monday to Friday.
    3 days weight training (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday), 3 days cardio, (Monday, Wednesday , Friday) and 1 off day where I will generally be playing either football or badminton)

    I am planning 2 different weight sessions that will be repeated on alternate days, T1, T2, T1...and so on. I increase the weight as I progress though my sets unless I find it impossible to complete a minimum set of 8

    Training 1:
    Deadlift x4 sets of 10
    Flat bench press dumbbells, followed immediately by single arm horisontal rows at the same weight as one set Ė 3 sets of 15
    Incline bench press 3 x 10
    Triís: skull crushers, inside grip then flat press on z bar, (1 set) 3 of these x 10,
    Dips and a cable puldown
    Fly on cables and a reverse fly
    And abs to finish off

    Training 2:
    Squats x4 sets of 10
    Shoulderpress with dumbbells 3x10
    Widegrip Lat pull down 2x10
    Insidegrip Lat pull down 2x10
    Standing row then shrugs 3x15
    Bi's (the usual)
    And then abs to wrap up

    On the days in between weights I'll be doing cardio, rowing or running for around 45-60 mins in the evening either intervals again or steady state.

    I think I have this nailed but am open to any help and suggestions if you think you can improve this!

    Diet wise is where I fall down:

    I was planning on starting the day with a BCAA blend Ėbodybuilding warehouse do one called excel which I like the look of before the cardio to minimise catabolism
    Post cardio Ė small bowl of porridge mixed with all bran and with skimmed milk (I then have a long day in the office however, is this too many carbs?)
    Snack- hardboiled egg with the yolk removed
    Lunch- I have some homemade soup already prepared (peppers, chilliís, carrots, cabbage etc.) for the first week (will have some whole meal bread with this as well) could do with some ideas for this meal as well, a whole-wheat pasta with salmon or tuna and egg with is the easy option.
    Snack- hardboiled egg with the yolk removed
    Pre=workout Ė caffeine tablet, banana and bcaa blend
    Post weight workout Ė normally would be 2 scoops of nutrisport pro 90 with creatine and a teaspoon of dextrose however was considering changing my protein for a lighter one, namely the bodybuilding warehouse isoclear. Bit unsure if itís worth it.
    Post cardio Iíd just go straight to:
    The evening meal, normally quite late on about 9ish after I finished training etc. rilled Chicken breast or pork fillet or similar seasoned with cayenne pepper, garlic and chilliís with veg
    Then bed and it all starts again!

    Aside from this I drink plenty of water throughout the day, have fruit juice with my breakfast and take cod-liver oil tablets, glucosamine, vit c and a caffeine tablet at the start of the day.

    Before anyone asks I wonít be going out at the weekends on the ale and ruining all my hard work with kebabs and pizza, just be relaxing and not quite as strict on specific foods, but still trying to ensure Iím as healthy as I can be as I know from experience itís going to be pretty hard to follow without this mini break and to let myself recover a bit if you will.

    I also want to add in a fatburning stack into this to improve the results; I have narrowed it down to: Anabolic Designs Transform Stack (Shredabull & Tauro-Test) or Applied Nutriceuticals Lipotrophin 24hr Fat Burning Stack, or alternatively usp labs oxyelite pro which seem to get good genuine reviews. Have seen others recommended i.e.; lean extreme and erase but have been put off by their wild claims.
    I did use a fatburner before from usp labs called recreate which I reacted pretty badly to.

    Has anyone got any ideas or advice at all on how I can improve this, supplements I should look at etc..?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this anyway and will update on the results I get anyoneís interested.

  2. To start you off, I will talk nutrition for you. Or rather direct you to a few links of threads that I have done. They mainly focus on The Zone diet, though Paleo is another that I love. As I often run a hybrid Zone/Paleo.

    Fuel Talk Pt 1...Though I'd Share This

    ZONE Meal of the Week Pt 1

    Paleo Recipe Collection Thread

    Enjoy and ask any questions if you have any. I'll look over the rest of your training a little bit later when I get the time.

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