Clen + T2 Stack: OK to Add AI's Motivate?

  1. Clen + T2 Stack: OK to Add AI's Motivate?

    I have my favorite female rat running a Clen (liquid research chem) + T2 stack, starting on minimum dosages to feel it out before escalating. The Clen is going to be on a 40/60/80/60/40 spread over 21 days unless someone has a better plan. Initially, the T2 dose is a single cap until we assess her tolerance. She's on about 1200 calories per day, low carb diet with 1 hour of cardio on lifting days and 2 hours of cardio on non-lifting days, weekends off.

    Would it be suitable to add a dose of AI's Motivate to the mix? I can't see any reason why not but, more experienced opinions are appreciated.

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    That cal intake sounds way too low to begin with to be throwing clen into the mix (even without it, most likely, with any type of activity level). I'm not nearly as good with info on females (I'm sure Rosie, or someone else could weigh in with better info), so take my advice for what it's worth.

  3. I'm definitely going to monitor the energy levels for general fatigue and for workouts. I'm thinking the same as you which is why I was wonderin gif a mild stim would help. If nothing else, a bit more protein and something with some carbs close to workout time(maltodextrin mebbe?) might be a good idea. I need to check her BMR again and see what kind of calorie deficit she's running.

  4. I have found some different ways online to calculate BMR. Any recommendations for the most accurate or "best" method for it?



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