Hey everyone Im pretty new to the forums and I wanted to get your advice out there. Im lookin to get as in shape as possible for the summer. Im going to hawaii on vaca in june so im looking to get in the best shape I can by then. Im not expecting overnight changes I just want to improve my overall look and to feel better. Im 5'11" and weigh 190 lbs. I used to weigh 270 but dieted down to a consistent 190 over the course of a year and maintained the same weight for the past 2 years. Ive been going to the gym pretty regular although work gets in the way between november and the end of january (i work in retail) My questions are what would you guys reccommend in order to get in better shape over the course of the next 4 1/2 months? Im looking to put on some lean muscle as well as lose my belly fat and have some defintion. Any workout reccomendations? And what supplements could I take as well? Anything else (legal or otherwise) that I could take to help me out as well? Thank you for your help with this