Time To Get Chizzled - Rate My Diet

  1. Time To Get Chizzled - Rate My Diet

    It's that time again, so here we go.

    Morning Shake
    1 cup oats
    6 strawberries
    4 eggs (3 whites and 1 whole)
    1.5 scoops of unflavored whey (35g)
    1 teaspoon of organic honey
    water, ice, blend, chug

    Chicken and veggies.

    Protein & BCAA Shake

    Pre work out meal.
    Chicken, veggies, and light carb (piece of wheat toast or small portion of brown rice).

    Pre workout shake (protein and pre work out mix/uppers)


    Post work out shake (50gram protein and scoop of superior greens [9g carbs] OR about 15grams of dextrose)

    Chicken or Pork W/ Veggies

    Greek Yogurt and Sardines (separate)

    50 grams of Casein


    Chicken and Veggies are infinite portion during time of sitting. Don't get carried away, I really can't eat more than half a rotisary or 2 breats in one sitting.

    How does it look?

  2. Personally, I would remove the dextrose post workout. I would take BCAA'S post workout and then in 15 min. Drink some whey. 45 min. After that have your post meal with some brown rice. I believe post workout carbs are not necessary if you r cutting and will only put fat burning process to a halt.
    Also limit chicken to 6-8ounces and count your calories if u r really serious.

  3. Agreed. Removed the dextrose post workout.

    I'm a hard gainer and my metabolism is already solid. Plus I'll be on a ton of gear as well. Not concerned about eating too many lean chicken breasts.

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