I'm looking to finally complete my body transformation that I started 2 years ago.
I started when I was 18yo @ 250-255lbs in that range fluxin.
I then went on a massive cut over about 8months to a year where I shed down to 182-184ish.
Felt great, but got the craving to push more weight.
I"m currently 205ish after bulking and feeling thick again, I really have no idea of what my BF is but think I want to be about 170-175ish.

Right now as I stand my starts are
Bench 275x 3-4
Squat @ 425 x 2
Deadlift @ 405 x 2

I think my lifts are decent for my weight but that is not my goal, my goal is to look good, perform better in the brazillian ju jitsu that I'm looking at picking up and being healthier.
Would I be happy @ 240 12% bf - Thats my dream, and goal, but one task at a time. Single Digit bf should be my main priority for right now, Im 20 and have plenty of years to grow.

Thinking of logging a cut but I really don't know how to cut effectively without losing muscle. Or keeping it minimal at most... Thoughts please.