weight loss supplement

  1. weight loss supplement

    hello everyone!

    I was wondering if some of you guys could help me with a suggestion of weight loss supplement. I am on a diet, I watch what i eat, I go to the gym just about everyday, drink tons of water through out the day. I am looking for one thats going to help me lose the weight faster. I have tried ones in the past, for example i was taking Thermbutherol, but i had to quit cause it was making me extremely light headed and shacky. the suggestion was taking two and i was only taking one and it still did that to me. Should i try a liquid one instead? If so what is the best one? thank you in advance!


  2. hi
    Many of the people get struck while shredding weight.I advice you this supplement.It is in liquid "Hoodithin".I advice you to take fat free food.Do exercise for 40 minutes every day.Along with this increase the amount of liquid intake.
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  3. Alot of fat burners use a green tea extract as their main ingredient. Which will help you burn an extra 100 calories a day...

    Do you count your calories? Do you adjust your calories on a weekly basis according to your results? To me that is the only fool proof way of doing it.

    Another option could be to take an AI supplement like erase. Alot of people have commented on losing weight and retaining less water whilst on those.

  4. IMO i dont think anyone can really suggest a good supp for you since everyone responds different so take them with a grain of salt. Like said above counting calories and such is the best way to do it. I take weight loss supp but i use it more like a placebo effect i take the pill when im suppose to and then forget about it. I focus everything on my diet, so if i lose more then expected i know the pill worked if not im still losing weight because of the diet. So mostly shop around and find what best works for you thats what I did and am still doing. But from what it sounds like stay away from stims so you dont get the shakes

  5. Take Clenbuterol, Albuterol, Cytomel and ECA all at one time and don't eat! LOL I'm totally kidding.

  6. Great technology for the fat burns,...
    helpful supplements all because many persons looking for this kind of supplements,..

  7. I disagree here. Man, just walk or jog your ass off daily. And make sure you stay under your maintenance calories. There of plenty of sites out there that will give you a round about range of what your calorie intake should be. Go on a 500 calorie deficit, nothing more than that or you could be impeding your progress, and walk everyday. By walking or jogging you put yourself in the fat burning zone, no need to do high intensity **** that is going to shock your body into burning all available energy sources which includes muscle. Just make sure your energy out is greater than your energy in and you will lose mass. It is an exact science. You will not get stuck or "plateau". The longer you diet the better you will get at selecting your foods, and developing favorites :-), to meet your nutritional needs and fill you up without going over your calories. Food selection will become natural, and just start to seem like common sense. Depending on your goals you will also get better at adjusting these. I suggest you go natural man, that is of course, if your main goal is losing mass in general. Personally I will never go on a calorie deficit again without supplementing with an AAS because its too hard to keep muscle. Remember, Walk or Jog off about 500 calories a day, and don't go below a 500 calorie deficit. Focus on consistency and discipline, and remember you can do it. Keep thinking of how easy it is. Try an 8 week cycle and I bet you will lose about 10-15 pounds. Take a 1 week break, Rinse and Repeat.

  8. Sorry I was also assuming you were not body building. If you are starting with a good body composition that you have any desire to keep, you are going to have to throw in at least 3 days a week of resistance training. I would recommend on those days you don't do the jogging/walking. Just focus on hitting the weights heavy on those three days 5x5 routine hitting two muscle groups a day on those three days or something similar. Try to get 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, this can be a little difficult on a deficit, but you will figure it out.

  9. Hi,
    Aphandexine 375 is the most suitable supplement to lose fats seems to me...
    I am using it and quite satisfied as my doc praised for this very well...

  10. Guys,..
    I hate to use any kind of supplements but i only use foods more with eggs, butter, yogurt and protein shakes,..

  11. Lipo PM is a great product. u can stack it with Lipo AM. or take black cats. alot of people have made great suggestions as well
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  12. Proper diet and exercise plan will help you more in this era... You should avoid fat rich foods and cheese like foods..... You will make a good one deal with your body and health by exercising on daily base in benefits to health and good one and low carb diet for better physique......

  13. Are you losing weight at a steady clip already? (1-2lbs a week) if not i would not even bother with a fat burner.. you would just be wasting your money. If your diet isn't dialed it, even a good one will do nothing for you.

  14. If you want to supress your appetite try topomax

  15. The amphetemine type drugs- phentermine, sibutramine are good but they can cause insomnia

  16. Forged burner with some extra green tea

  17. More protein, make sure to keep eating the same while on whatever product you choose. Anything that hampers your appetite is no good.


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