Carb Consumption and Bulking

  1. Carb Consumption and Bulking

    This sounds kind of dumb, but it's something I'm curious about Why do people, when they bulk, consume so much more carbs? I thought carbs were used for energy. So even if you're trying to eat over maintenance cals, what's the point of all the extra carbs if they aren't being used for energy? Wouldn't they
    just be stored as fat? Wouldn't the extra calories be better consumed via protein and fats?

    I'm sure I'm missing carbs do something else besides provide energy?

  2. Carbs have less chance of being stored than dietary fat does and since fats are 9 calories per 1g its very easy to go overboard. Also fats have a harder time being broken down into energy (another reason why they store as fat at a greater rate). Protein (in the form of aminos) will most likely get excreted before being coveted into glucose (as gluconeogenesis is lessened in times of caloric surplus). So that leaves us with carbs which directly get converted into glucose for energy purpose, have a greater change of being oxidized when amounts are greater, and provides a more direct energy source for protein synthesis (whic requires a good amount of energy). So overall carbs are you ebst source for providing the energy you need to repair muscle tissue. Can you do it with other forms of macronutrients? Sure, bu there are more risks and in the caseof protein, your loved ones will hate you for it as you gas them out of the room and cause more GI stress than you care for. Thats the most basic explanation withouth going into a book
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  3. Also, insulin is supposed to stimulate muscle growth and repair, and we all know the best way to stim insulin is through carbs.

  4. My only caution is for those who are carb sensitive. Sometimes it pays to have the other two's ratios slightly higher so your insulin levels don't get out of wack.

  5. Agreed, it also keeps the water bloat down for those of us who like to look semi-asthetically pleasing during a bulk.
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  6. BOBO- are you against a High Fat Intake? I always thought that During a Bulk that you the More "Healthy" Fats you Eat then your Test Levels will be Higher therefore During a Bulk then youd Gain More Muscle?

  7. I think that too little fat can caused surpressed test, but I dont think eating extra fat will cause extra test release.


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