cutting up

  1. cutting up

    whats up guys happy new year!!! My question is? Is I am now 190 at 5' 6" would like to drop to about 160, I hear all about usp oxy elite and driven sports lean extreme. Are they a good combo to get shredded and some people at the gym tell me to throw in inhibit e.Right now I have alri venom which doesnt seem to do much and i do about 30 to 40 minutes of cardio at least 5 daysy a week I drink a gallon aof water every day and eat lightly but lots of protein and veggies should I also tru usp jacked for pre workout or just stick with a monster lo carb energy drink any help is greatly appreciated thanks!!!

  2. You really need to track calories and figure out howmuch you are taking in every day. You also need to figure out what your maintenance level calories are and subtract about 500 off of that. your weight is about the same as mine and I can cut weight on about 2500-2800 cals, but you may be different.

    You may have to adjust your diet accordingly until you find what works.

    Once you have your diet and training in order, that is when you can start thinking about supps. Fat burners wont do anything until you have your diet in check first. A nutrient partitioner might be of some use to you though, and Need2slin is a great one it will insure your carbs go to energy, your protein to building muscle, etc. while cutting.

    get that diet in order man and youll be on your way!
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