SAVALOT tons of food for cheap

  1. SAVALOT tons of food for cheap

    Not sure if any of you guys have one in your area but I visited them for the first time today and man what a bunch of food for next to nothing!

    For example I got a bunch of canned roast beef for 1.39 a can

    350 cals
    65 protein
    5 carbs
    7.5 Fat 1/2 of it saturated
    0 sugars
    And it even tastes good

    Also for the late morning/mid day carb loading picked up an assload of chicken&dumplings also 1.39 a can

    570 cals
    42 protein
    69 carbs
    15 fat/6 sat

    Also picked up a bunch of canned potatoes and mixed vegetables (shoulda got yams now that I think about it )

    Anyways I got an entire trunk load of food for 51 bucks it blew me away check it out if you have one nearby.

  2. Sounds like Aldi, which I have nearby. By chance is it generic foods?

  3. No, it's say's savalot on the sign. As far as the food who knows, the roast beef is from brazil. It looks and tastes like roast beef thats all I care about. It could be roadkill I suppose but as long as the nutritional info is accurate

    I have been to an aldi's and it is similar but still lower prices

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