Cholesterol lowering spreads and PHs

  1. Cholesterol lowering spreads and PHs

    Anyone know how the cholesterol lowering spreads (Benecol etc) affect PH absorbtion?

    I've been using a cholesterol reducing spread instead of normal margarine or butter for a while now, after my cholesterol levels were found slightly elevated just over a year ago.
    These things work by inhibiting the absorbtion of cholesterol from the GI tract.
    I've also just bought some 1-4 diol from BDC, and also have anti-Es (6-OXO, Aromazap).
    Other stuff is transdermal (T1 Pro)
    I just started to take a couple of the 1-4 diol caps per day, as a 'pre-cycle cycle' - basically to give myself a kick up the backside and increase my strength slightly.
    Anyway, it occurred to me that as these are oral PHs, and PHs are cholesterol based (correct me if I'm wrong here) would the Cholesterol lowering spreads inhibit the uptake of the PHs?

  2. i dont think it should affect it at all, as there r 2 types of cholesterol, HDL (or "good"), and LDL (or "bad"). im pretty sure that cholesterol reducing food items only lower LDL, as the lower it is the healthier u r, as opposed to HDL, which in high amounts can help reduce coronary problems. so it wouldnt make too much sense for companies to make a product to lower HDL, so it should be fine. i may be wrong on this, as i havent actually researched it, but im just goin off my instincts.

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