Effective fat burners

  1. Effective fat burners

    Hello all, my wife recently gave birth to our third (and final lol) child and she is trying to find out what some of the more effective fat burners are. She feels like she's got a good bit to lose and would like to get it off by spring. She has diet in check and is doing Morning card 4-5 times a week. I usually don't use anything with stims so I don't know what to advise her. I was thinking maybe some kind of eca stack or something. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Stacking Recreate and Oxy Elite Pro from USP Labs worked very well for me. I lost nearly 100 pounds, 6" at the waist and a buttload of body fat. I have also stacked Alpha T2 from PES with these at one point.

    Most important thing to always keep in mind is that losing weight and burning fat are all about burning more calories than you consume. A diet high in quality protein, coupled with reasonable carb consumption (mostly complex carbs), and low fat intake is necessary. For me, a 40:40:20 % ratio worked well. A female coworker who I help with her diet, had to drop the carbs and fats a bit which resulted in a 5015 ratio that worked very well for her! Also, keep in mind that this meal plan requires eating 5 to 6 small and strategically planned meals. Its easier than it sounds too!

    You also mentioned that she does cardio 4-5 days week. IMHO, you have to strength train to really get the best benefit to burn fat! You have to turn the body into a furnace, and nothing does it better than quality muscle and cardio. And don't worry about having to turn into a pro bodybuilder for this. She would have to get really into it to make that happen. Most women who combine a 30 minute high intensity cardio and 30-45 minute strength training session, reap the best results.

    As for the fat burners, the ones I mentioned are pretty good and I believe they work well. However, it will take some $$$, a diligent workout, a good supplementation routine and desire to make it all happen. We have it all in us, you just have to do it!

  3. Cool I appreciate all the info man. Ya I'm still trying to get her to weight train with me lol been trying for a long time but maybe someday lol. I'll look into those supps. Is that n eca like burner?

  4. Women have been getting great results from Alpha-T2. A lady friend of mine did Alpha-T2 + OEP stack for 8 weeks to get back in shape after her second child, and by week 6 she met her goal
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  5. From what i understand the best way she can lose weight right after giving birth is to breast feed or or pump. The process of producing milk burns about 500 cals a day.. That is of course if this is an option.

    Besides that, I really liked AT2. It didnt give me that stimmed out feeling. just good clean energy and fat loss.



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