what should i do first, cut or bulk?

  1. Exclamation what should i do first, cut or bulk?

    Wassup gentlemen,

    So I am wondering whether to do a cutting cycle first or a bulking cycle. I was in the hospital for 9 weeks (never eat chinese food) and have been recuperating for the last 2 months by just getting my energy back and healing from the 4 surgeries I got while in the hospital, so my girlfriend is feeding me non-stop. My doctor has finally cleared me to start going back to the gym and resuming normal activity... all of my blood work is pristine, everything is in check. I lost weight while in the hospital as i barely ate anything, but when i got out my girl has been feeding me like a freaking horse, because as she so lovingly puts it, i looked like a manorexic pile of bone. my muscles atrophied and i look nothin like I did before.

    I am 6' even and my current weight is 209, I have no idea what my BF% is but I am guessing it is up there. My weight shot back up after getting out of the hospital and I am wondering what people would do in my situation. I have been eating non-stop and not doing anything productive due to the fact i have to heal. I am wondering though where to start. Should I start by doing a bulking cycle then go to a cutting cycle, or vice versa. I have a numerous amount of CEL PH's left from before the ban. I have run cycles in the past and am familiar with cycling and PCT. I also have some Clen & T3, and although I have never tried these before I hear they do great for cutting... Thanks in advance fellas for any and all comments!

    -The Dude

  2. Dude, you just got out of the hospital. Please stay away from the banned PH for at least 6 months. Your liver has probably been fighting for months no need to put methyl in your body now. If I were you I would do circuit training 3x a week for 12 weeks on a 250 calorie deficit diet. Probably around 2400 calories a day for you. Doing this you will probably tone up and put on a small amount of muscle while dropping your body fat percentage. After the 12 weeks of circuit training start your bulk at about 3200 calories for 12 weeks. After the 24 weeks of Cut/Bulk is complete you can start a 4 week cardio plan on a 500 calorie deficit 2100 calories a day(make sure you are hitting the weights still 6-8 reps for all your muscle groups that you care about during this 4 weeks), then follow with a PH bulk cycle 3500 calories a day. Plenty of PH guides on these forums. I did something similair starting at 5' 9'' 206 and 21 percent BF, 6 months later I am 200 at 15 percent BF. You can do it, get well.
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