105lbs-8months Achieved!

  1. 105lbs-8months Achieved!

    Yes i lost around 105lbs in 8 months, But now i feel as if it is nearly impossible to loose more. I Started out at 304 and got down to 190. I now weigh 206 after adding some muscle. But will be needing some better cardio tips to shed the last 10lbs of fat that i have. If anyone knows some awsome fat burning cardio tricks id be more then thankful. Heres my pics.
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  2. Very Impressive my man!



  3. Love it man. This is what needs to shown to all the tubbys lookin to blame McDonalds and everyone else for their obesity. Look what this guy did. Took responsibility into his own hands. got off his ass and did something about it!

    Check out Crossfit my man. Great way to add cardio and some weight training together.

  4. Dang! That's super impressive. Congrats!
    If you bulked up.have you re attempted you old.routine to.lose weight? Or are preparing to cut again.

  5. Ha! I remember your last thread! You are making progress. Keep it up bro, you are looking great!

  6. Wow! That's awesome! Truly inspirational to those who are willing to put forth the effort.

  7. Good job. Now dont go back!

  8. Dang good job on the weight loss bro. OEP stacked with tt33 did a lot of goods for me and cardio post workout.

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  9. good job man keep it up

  10. Love to see changes like this. Keep up the major progress.

  11. Well done Xmonster! Your progress is truely insirational! I admire your work ethic and results. Well done man!

  12. Daym! that's awesome!

  13. Awesome work, you look like someone else!

  14. !!!NICE!!!

  15. Awesome work man!

  16. wow... congrats man !! Great job like all the rest said. It takes alot of dedication to achieve your goals and you are really on track !! Keep up the great work, it really shows !!

  17. Amazing! You have alot of heart to make a transformation like that. Great job buddy!

  18. wow .. im speechless .. amazing job

  19. great work man

  20. Great job and impressive dedication bro.

  21. wow nice transformation keep it up

  22. congrads
    RIP Ryan, :(


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