keep cutting or start a clean bulk?

  1. keep cutting or start a clean bulk?

    Hello my name is ****. Im new here and I was wondering what you think I should do with my current body composition.
    A little back ground..... about 2 years ago I was at about 12% bf at 155 lbs height is 5'7". I fell off the horse once my daughter was born and now im back in for good. I was 189 lbs and im back down to 170 since december 1st.
    Im still high in bf % and low in muscle mass. I've started to plateau. Which I can see Rtsr losing almost 20 lbs. In your guys more experienced opinions. What do you think based on the following pics,current diet, and my current goals.....o

    Diet: 2000 cal, 2300 cal on workout days. 45/35/20 macro split, protein sources are chicken breast, salmon,tuna, cottage cheese, turkey. Carbs from all whole grains, brown rice, pasta, tortillas, bread except first thing in the morning I have some fruit and honey to restore my body from the overnight fast and after my workouts I also have hi g.i Carbs.
    Supplements : muscle pharm combat powder, assualt, recon, allmax vitamin stack. I was using ON 100% whey, black powder, and GNC vitamins. Im much happier and having great workouts on the new stack.
    My focus goal right now is to be as big and lean as possible only mid march. From that point I want to start bulking for a few months over the spring/ summer and then cur back down for a few. Mid march is important for me and july 4th.
    My plan was to just get completley leaned out (10% or less) and then start adding clean muscle.....but its obvious that my planning was made by an amateur
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  2. I think you will be happy if you followed your plan. get down to the body fat percentage you were aming for, then start your bulk. Dont try to get to 10 percent, that is a little silly. Aim for 15 to 18 percent then start your bulk. I dont know what your current BF percentage is, but it appears you are around 25 percent. It also seems you might benefit from a test booster. Seems you are educated, you probably knew the answer to your own question.

  3. Great plan dude, stick with it. Lift hard, do your cardio, and follow your diet. You may want to bump up the calories by a few hundred after you plateau. You will definitely see fat loss and you may also see muscle gain just by what you are doing.

  4. 4th pick down i call sock stuffing
    Back.... for real this time

  5. 4th pick down i call sock stuffing
    LOL. I was thinking the same thing. I was like wtf is wrong with his underwear. HAHA

  6. Nopee...its non stuffed my friends. Yeah I actually have changed my plan up for now. Switched to a strengh program and changed the dist up a little bit.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Natural beast View Post
    Nopee...its non stuffed my friends. Yeah I actually have changed my plan up for now. Switched to a strengh program and changed the dist up a little bit.
    So that's where the name natural beast come from. Lol

    I would do a clean bulk for a couple months before cutting if you cut now you either have to go slow or risk losing muscle. Then to go back to a lean bulk you'll have trouble putting on muscle without any fat. It's easier to do lean bulk now when you have a little extra BF you should be able to even lose a little fat if you keep a strict diet. Remember getting a low BF% works on the princple of law of dimishing returns.

  8. I've been trying to keep cutting and switch things up since but im stuck on a hardcore plateau. Im taking a week of to let my body take a breather and getting back to it first thing next monday.


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