Help critique my cutting plan

  1. Help critique my cutting plan

    Hey all.

    Here are my stats:
    Age: 21
    Height: 5-7
    Current Weight: 155
    BF%: ~14%

    I was around 170 in June, and did a CKD for about a month and a half starting in June this year until I hit a major plateau. Although my diet hasn't been very clean during the past four months or so due to life in college , I've managed to make some solid gains this semester, albeit I feel as though I put on a little bit of fat, especially in the gut area.

    Since I have some time off this winter break to abstain from drinking and clean up my diet, I've decided it would be prudent to try to shed some more belly fat and try to maintain a good amt. of size/strength. I'm not going to be going keto this run around, but rather high protein/moderate carbs/healthy fats.

    I've had good luck running E/C/A in the past, and started a 14 day E/C/Y run a few days ago. I'm running 25/200/7.5 in the morning and 25/200/5 later in the day.

    Using the Harris Benedict Formula, I calculated my BMR:
    2888 Calories/day
    Fat Loss:
    2311 Calories/day

    Right now, the plan is to lift about 4x a week, and run HIIT 2x a day; right now I'm doing 6x 60 second sprints on a moderate incline, one during morning fast and one in the evening.

    I did back today, and here's what my routine looked like:
    3 sets Barbell Rows - 135/8 140/7 145/6
    3 sets lower back extensions w/25lb plate: 18/16/12
    4 sets wide-grip lat pulldowns 110/8 115/7 120/5 100/8
    4 sets delt fly's - 90/12 100/10 100/10 /100/8

    I'll post my other workouts later on.

    Food Consumption: Here's what I had today, so far; (I've got a detailed log on another site but I don't think I'm allowed to post the link yet)

    2 slices whole wheat bread
    6oz chicken thigh
    ~20 whole almonds

    2 hard-boiled egg whites

    Meal 2 (30 minutes Pre w/o):
    sandwich- 3 slices lean ham on whole wheat
    ~10 almonds
    2 hard-boiled egg whites

    Meal 3 (~20-30 minutes Post w/o)
    1/2 cup cooked Quinoa
    6oz steak

    Meal 4
    3 hard-boiled egg whites
    2 slices of lean ham on 1 slice whole wheat

    -I plan on eating once or twice more before bedtime to try to consume ~500 below maintenance cals.

    Calories 1,776
    Carbs 156g
    Protein 179g
    Fats 58g

    Orange Triad ED
    • ~3g creatine mono pre-w/o and ~3g post
    • ~Post w/o shake consists of 1 scoop ON Glycomaize (39g carbs), 48g WPI, l-glutamine and BCAA powder
    • 1-2 scoops white flood pre-w/o

    So basically, what I'm wondering is: is my diet on track for losing some BF, or do I need to adjust my macros/overall diet?

    Had a few specific questions, too:
    • Should I include PWO shake in my total cal's/macros?
    • Is the below maintenence I calculated via Benedict's seem in-line with my current needs?
    • Is there any specific prescribed pre/post-cardio nutrition that I should be including?

    If there are any pointers or corrections I should be making, I'm glad to hear it. Any other additional info I'll be glad to provide,too.

    I apologize in advance if this post is a little lengthy.
    All input is appreciated!

  2. anyone? Was hoping a thread that a well-thought out thread would evoke at least a little bit of a response.

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