Body Transformation

  1. Body Transformation

    Hey guys i just want to share these photo's and hope that it inspires people here who are just starting to get in shape. A lot of people here kept me motivated by showing there body transformation and i want to repay back the favor. Thanks everybody. I weighed at 293lbs now i am down to 241lbs. I been training hard for 4 straight months. Lots of weight lifting cardio and the hardest is to DIET.
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  2. awesome transformation!!!! hope i have half as much success as u man!!!

  3. great job man !! ... keep at it you look great !!

  4. Awesome progress! How are you feeling now as opposed to when you were at 293? Really good job man, keep it up!

  5. I feel really great. I don't feel as tired as i use to. My goal is to reach 200lbs. Thanks and i hope my transformation pics inspire people.

  6. Awesome bro! You look amazing! Keep going strong!

  7. Wow. I am currently at your before pic. What plan did you put together to get where you are now? A couple years ago I got from 300 to 255 with cardio, light weight lifting and some help from Slim Extreme, all in about 6 months. I have tried on a couple of occasions to repeat the process, minus the Slim Extreme as it is no longer available, but have been hovering between 280 - 290 the past year. I feel good, not tired as I was a couple years back, can still play 36 holes without wearing out, but would really like to get down to around 240 as a starting point. Any input you have as to what worked for you would be appreciated.

  8. Great timing for me sir. as I am just starting to seriously work at fat reduction/stripping. Thank you for that!

  9. To OP, your hope has been met. VERY INSPIRING photos. I am about the same size as you in pic 1 currently. So to see you drop and lose that gut keeps me very hopeful.

    Fat Ass 101, if you need a virtual training buddy, I am currently also in a similar state, hit me up.

  10. ST- Sounds good. I am getting diet and exercise routine cleaned up, but look to start after New Year, like any good resolution. No, I am really not stalling. I use the exercise equipment at work and will be off until Jan 3. Will try to play some golf for exercise between now and then... You laugh at Alabama, but it has it's perks, like 70 degrees tomorrow

  11. Sorry guys for the late reply's. I am very happy to get you guys motivated. For what i did to loose the weight is #1 was watch what you eat. I eat 6 meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was my main course meals and in between was my protein shake. I replaced all my hi carbs that i liked to eat like white rice, mash potatoes and replaced them with vegetables. For the first month i sticked to that diet and slowly introduced the exercising because being on a diet is already hard enough. So i wanted my body to get use to the food that was coming in. When my body got use to the diet then i started my cardio like jogging. I did walk/jog for a mile until i can jog the whole mile without stopping then i do 2 mile and so on. I can now jog 6miles now. Then when i got my cardio going i started introducing weight lifting. Thats where i am at weightlift and cardio. Trust me it is very hard but once you make the decesion on what you want to do it will become a lifestyle.

  12. Oh yeah I stopped my carb intake at 12pm

  13. Hey Bro, new to the whole site and your page was the first I hit. I am looking to do just what your doing and I appreciate you sharing. Woke up today not knowing what or how to do it. Just knowing I needed to do something. Ex college football player been out of working out for 5 years, 291 now and would like to be 225-235 etc.

  14. @Qoo, 6 meals a day, 3 main meals with real food breakfast, lunch dinner. Dinner ends for me at 4 pm. The other are protein shakes. Lots of Cardio. Thats what made me loose the weight. I also stopped the carbs at lunch. No carbs after lunch. hope this helps let me know if you have anymore ?


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