Good cutting stack?

  1. Good cutting stack?

    Cutting Stack goes as follows:

    Tonalin CLA
    Anabolic Pump
    Orange Triad
    Green tea extract

    Maintaining a 2800+ calorie intake, 230+ grams of protein, 50g of fats, more than 60g of carbs with meals (for AP), no cardio but just maybe some HIIT from time to time.

    Stats: 5'8.5", 182lbs, 21.6% bf
    Aim: 12-15% bf with more or less my same lean body mass.

    I'm planning on staying on creatine even while I'm taking green tea extract, this is just a 3 month cut and hopefully I'll reach my goal.

    Please I need feedback on what I'm doing right or wrong. Constructive criticism would be nice, and recommendations can also come in handy

  2. get oxylite pro

  3. I'm trying to stay away from fat burners as much as possible. I would only resort to it when all else fails

  4. whats ur diet look like?

  5. Morning: 1 cup of oats w/ chocolate silk milk, 5 egg whites with 1 full egg.
    Lunch: a turkey ham wheat sandwich, with 6 slices of turkey ham and 2 slices of low fat cheese
    Pre-Workout meal: 1 cup of brown rice with 50g worth of protein in chicken
    Post-workout: 2 scoops of whey (48g of protein) w/ Glutamine and complex carbs (30g)
    Dinner: more or less similar to Pre-workout meal.
    Before bed: 2 scoops of whey, with BCAA's and Glutamine

    More or less 250+ grams of carbs because of Anabolic Pumps 60+ carb intake requirements

  6. whe i cut i did breakfast 6 egg whites 1 cupoatmeal 3 hours later 15almondnd protien shake 3 hour later8oz chicken and cup veggies 3 hourlater protien shake and 20 almonds 3 hours later 8 oz fish and 1.5 cup veggies and 3 hour later b4 bed protien and 20 almonds... i gt mad cut nd lost weghit..... every 3 days with last meal eat a sweet patato 10 stalk asparagis and a grapefruit

  7. Did you count calories and carbs? I need to for AP

  8. no i didnt count really i didnt get many carbs except for breakfast with the oat meal and you could dose ap in he morning cuz if you eat a cup of oat meal thats enouh carbs man .. on this diet i went from 205 at about 19%bf not realy tha fat iknow 19% seems alot but im only 17 man and dont think cuz im 17 i dontknow alot personal training and working out has been my passion since i was 15 i wrk wit trainers who tell mestuff so i was 205 and chunky but not like flaby fat if you know what i men i was benching 310 then i wasjust bulking for strength for football cuz im a running back and was running a 5.0 40 at 205 not real fast im more of a power runner and on this diet in 2-3 weeks droped t 190 and was lik 12% bf man and i had abbs n was running a 4.7. so you can try the diet man and im ony 5'9 so im not skinny and nowim bulking and 198at about 14% bf any questions i will help you man i know alot of stuff for my age and pp will give me **** cuz im only 17 but i bust my ass and diet on cuts and bulks man!

  9. and idk how old you are you could be around my age i have no clueman how old are you?

  10. I'm also 17, and doing something like a bulk-cut routine, where I just keep on putting on muscle weight at the gym and deloading sometimes from my workouts, while I focuse on shredding some excess fat off, so I'm kinda killing two birds with one stone by creating lean muscle mass and cutting my bf%. I like the dieting you suggested, but is spacing it to a total of a 3 hour interval necessary if you want to lean up?

  11. yea if you split it up every 3 hours you will not be hungry because after about 2-3 hours you will start to feel hungry again and once you eat you feel is harder to gain muscle mass while cutting but you will only gain a little lbm because you dont have enough food to fuel you to get big u might want to go on a clean bulk then cut or mainly cut for a few weeks then go on a clean bulk so you do not gain much fat

  12. I've already been clean bulking for more than a month and ive made some good progress. I just wanted to cut down my body fat and get back at clean bulking after I get to 15% bf. Did you take any supps while clean cutting to help you drop your bf? Or just straight up dieting? I've been on anabolic pump and I have a non-responsive body type to the product, but it's still kinda early to determine that since I started dosing at the beggining of the month

  13. no man i took nothing dude no creatine nothing...what type of creatine areyou taking? i have heard oxy lte pro is the **** though but i know your staying away from themman

  14. looking at ur diet try b4 bed doing casien or a slow digesting protien man

  15. I'm on creatine monohydrate right now, and I haven't taken casein yet, is it worth it?

  16. welll creatine mono is going to bloat you and make you retain water man try something that is hydrolized like creatine from gnc 189 or cncreat ...nd yes casien will kepp u more fulll at night so u dont wake up hungry

  17. the creatine i mentioned willnot make u retain water nd will help you to cut up

  18. Yeah specifically I'm taking Kre-alkalyn which has been working for me so far, and I heard from a friend that it works better than concrete


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