Weight loss question, with assistance

  1. Weight loss question, with assistance

    I will be cutting around mid January and I have a question regarding using Clen. On my last cut I lost approximately 1.5 pounds per week for 8 weeks, so that I did not lose any muscle. I have stayed natural up until now but have thought about using clen. If i did do so could I lose more weight per week without risking muscle loss?

    If I could take that and lose, say 3 pounds a week without losing muscle then that would be tempting. On the other hand If I still had to lose weight around the same rate it really would not be worth the risks.

  2. In my research about Clen, it's anti-catabolic, so it would help retain muscle on while in a caloric deficit. I'm still researching my clen cycle though.

  3. Calotren is the best nutritional supplement that assists the body in shedding excess body fat and toxins naturally.I think calotren is the best for weight loss.

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  5. I prefer ECA (only if your diet and training is in check).

    Less risk than Clen and still quite effective. I value my heart tissue too much to run clen. However, don't take anything without researching heavily first.



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